Professional Building Surveyors

We work with building permit applications, property owners, government agencies and building professionals to deliver efficient, concise and comprehensive services with strong professional integrity. 

Our expertise lends itself to delivering quality work in both our building permit related statutory services, and our building surveying consultancy services. Our highly credentialed practice draws on 30+ years of experience to deliver sound outcomes for all our clients.

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Statutory Services

When appointed to act as the relevant building surveyor, Approval Systems’ statutory building surveying services place the interests of the property owner at the centre of the process and outcome. Our services and processes are based on strict professional integrity which benefits the current and future building owners. 

With Approval Systems involved at all phases, from concept design through to detailed design documentation, permit applicants and property owners benefit from design surety and a greatly reduced need for redesign.

The statutory services consist of building permits, mandatory inspections and occupancy permits. Statutory services also include design review at: concept design stage; prior to lodgement of planning applications; design development; and detailed design documentation stages.

Approval Systems is accredited on the Victorian Government Construction Supply Register and by the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing to be pre-qualified to provide services on State Government owned and funded health care, aged care and residential facilities, along with other Victorian Government projects.


Approval Systems can provide expert building regulatory and code advice, compliance audits and fire safety audits. Our reports can inform by identifying cost effective code compliance and fire safety strategies for new and existing buildings. Our intimate knowledge of the building legislation and regulations with respect to existing buildings can benefit building owners by containing scopes of work where it is appropriate to do so. 

We also participate in due diligence processes, where our knowledge and experience are utilised by institutional property owners, developers and relevant State Government Departments prior to the acquisition of property assets.

Approval Systems offers independent review and certification of non-structural design. In addition to the certification of fire engineering reports, Approval Systems can also certify alternative solution reports for non-fire related performance-based design solutions. 

Other consulting services we offer include the preparation of Building Manuals, independent audit of essential fire safety measures, and assistance and advice regarding protection of adjoining properties.